Today's Notice
The campground is open!

WELCOME BACK!  Keg and Cookies at the Pavilion Saturday June
22nd at 2 pm.

June 29th - Tugboat's 1st birthday party!  Zach & Nea will be
providing a keg and sloppy joes and there will be lawn games and
prizes!  Please no gifts, but feel free to bring a dessert or salad!  But
just come for some bulldog kisses!

Sites 13-31 (infield sites will not be available for a few weeks to a
month because the grass is too muddy
) - ask about alternative sites).  
Bob is still ill and the bobcat and tractor work is being done by our
wonderful campers.  

Sites 5-12 are open - please check in if additional assistance is
needed on your sites.  Nea are available for bobcat work
on the
weekends in June

The marina open - please check in with Margi for slip reassignment
as the bridge construction has shortened the marina yet again.

The showerblock is open, but has no hot water - hot water will be
re-established by 6/29/2019.  The pooper pumper will be up and
running starting 6/25/2019 with pumpouts only on Tuesdays and
Saturdays.  The marina is open and has water, but is still a mess due
to DOT construction.  Saturday 6/22/2019 at 2 pm there will be a keg
and cookies at the pavilion!

Thank you all and welcome back!

The Department of Transportation is replacing the interstate bridge
which runs through our campground and marina. They have
emminent domained many sites and slips plus many of our facilities.
Due to this we will not be taking reservations for daily or weekend
campers or boaters. The minimum stay is now one month. The
tenting area is closed and we will not accept tenters for any length of
stay. We will continue this policy until the bridge construction is
completed.  Thank you for your understanding.

Bob and Margi                                                                

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