Today's Notice
****UPDATE: January 4th - Bob has been moved to a rehab facility in
Prescott, WI****

The past year Bob and Margi traveled to Thailand and Cambodia
over the course of 3 months and had a lovely time enjoying a bunch
of seafood.  WI/MN DOT continue to be working in and above the
campground and have definitely been something we have had to
work around.  Our campers and boaters were wonderful in
accommodating the nuisance.  This year was the first time in our
ownership that the campground was hit with a tornado and we are
short a few more trees and a couple trailers for it.

Nea and her boyfriend, Zach, bought a house in the Woodland
neighborhood of Duluth and also bought an English Bulldog puppy
named Tugboat.

Bob and Margi spent a month in the Philippines and in the city of
Coron on the island of Palawan Bob had a fall on December 1st.  
From Coron he had a back room shoddy refrigerator x-ray showing
some rib fractures.  They flew to Manila and realized the damage
was worse.  40 hours later they were back in Minnesota and went
straight to Abbott Northwestern Hospital where he has been for the
last month and still is.  His injuries are as follows: 5 broken ribs,
lacerated liver, lacerated kidney, peritoneal hematoma, minor
concussion and a partridge in a pear tree.  And all the king’s horses
and all the king’s men indicated that humpty dumpty is half way put
back together again.

We wish you the best in this year and we are looking forward to the

All is well.

Bob, Margi, Nea, Zach & Tugboat

**** Please note Margi's phone number is 715-222-1808 and the 651-
388-3890 number is disconnected ****

Seasonal sites available for 2019 are as follows: Upper campground
on the water #6 and 7 sites on the infield. Lower campground #57,
#80, #81, #90, #103, #105, #106, #107, #108. In the Marina we have
plenty of space available for boats up to 50 feet. Call 715-222-1808
or email if interested. Final billings were
sent Nov. 1 to those that did not check out before the close. Second
notice was sent on Nov. 18, 2018. They are due as soon as you get
them. No further notices will be sent. All our campers and boaters
please note Margi and my thanks for another great season. Please
have a wonderful off season and we look forward to your return in
the Spring. Bridge construction is over half done.

The Department of Transportation is replacing the interstate bridge
which runs through our campground and marina. They have
emminent domained many sites and slips plus many of our facilities.
Due to this we will not be taking reservations for daily or weekend
campers or boaters. The minimum stay is now one month. The
tenting area is closed and we will not accept tenters for any length of
stay. We will continue this policy until the bridge construction is
completed.  Thank you for your understanding.

Bob and Margi                                                                

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