Today's Notice
Notices for Island Camping and Marina clients:

The Campground and Marina are open. On Aug. 1 we reached
the half way point of the camping season. Margi and I read the
meters on Aug. 1 and prepared bills consisting of ---electric bill  
--Honey wagon charge cards bill -- and any other unpaid
camping fees for 2017. The KWH charge this year was 8.2 cents.
This is the lowest I have ever seen it. Don't know why? The bills
were posted Aug, 2 ,2017. Please pay them before Aug.15.

Today is AUG. 15 , 2017 and Margi and I will be sending
reminder letters to all those who have not yet paid their Aug. 1

The Department of Transportation is replacing the interstate
bridge which runs through our campground and marina. They
have emminent domained many sites and slips plus many of our
facilities. Due to this we will not be taking reservations for daily or
weekend campers or boaters. The minimum stay is now one
month. The tenting area is closed and we will not accept tenters
for any length of stay. We will continue this policy until the bridge
construction is completed.  Thank you for your understanding.

Regards Bob and Margi                                                                

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