2012 Pig Roast
With the summer Olympics fast
approaching our theme poked fun at all of
our campers adventures over the summer.  
Such as Scott screaming over plastic
snakes or Shannon tipping a canoe and
almost drowning in a foot and a half of
water... our campground is full of
Olympians.  The Pig Roast day started with
a thunderstorm then a massive heat wave.  
Everyone crowded around Dan Clarke's
industrial water spritzing fan!  We were
lucky to have master chefs with Novak's
and VanBeek's who cooked up massive
batches of smoked pork!  With only a few
slight malfunctions - water leak on the
docks (thank you for the help Danny Poff
and Todd Johnson) and a busted stereo
(thank you Target electronics lady).  The
two gold medalists of the day were the
smoked salmon (that was gobbled up in a
flash) and the crock-pot molten chocolate
lava cake!
The 19th Annual Campground & Marina Island Tiki Party
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