2012 Chili Cook-Off
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Under revamp for the 2012 season,
the Island Camping and Marina Chili
Cook-off brought in 17 chilis.  No
longer is there judges but instead
there was a military regemented
voting process.  Top honors went to
two white chilis and a weekender  
with the Gottlieb group!  There was
one rather spicy chili and a bloody
mary chili.  Wonderful corn bread and
fancy desserts topped off the event,
well that, and a keg or two of beer!
First Place:
Joe Knudsen
Second Place:
Vanessa Sabelko
Third Place:
Tim Clarke
The party continued when Dan Clarke
smuggled out the keg and started a
Tiki Bar party at site #102!
you by the executive staff of
Island Camping and Marina!