2011 Pig Roast
It was time for a change of location at
this year's 18th Annual All Campground
and Marina Party.  Due to the high
water and torrential rains that seemed
to be associated with this summer, the
Tiki Bar was left a bit to wet and muddy
when it came to party time.  The Pig
Roast had originated up in the
Apartment Lawn area behind Jim
Johnson's camper, but over the years it
just became too big and the Tiki Bar
became the more accommodating
location.  But with the pavilion and the
few tents the Moyers had gained over
the years a new site presented itself -
right at the office!  After some shuffling
of tables (and kegs) we made space for
all the food and drinks and the entire
event went off without a hitch.  There
wasn't even any rain, either!
The 18th Annual Campground & Marina Island Tiki Party
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