2010 Pig Roast
This year's annual
focused on the food.  
Every year the Pig Roast
provides an array of food.  
With over a hundred This
year's annual seasonal
campers and boaters the
samplings of choice
appetizers, entrees, and
desserts were numerous.  
From famous coconut
bars to wild rice hot
dishes, the chili cook-off
proved not to be the only
time that our seasonals
showcased their culinary
The 17th Annual Campground & Marina Island Tiki Party
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The four top honors this year went to Jerry Lackman (site 108) for his savory mushrooms, Barb Johnson (site 35) for
her diabolical deviled eggs, Gina Williamson (site 103) for her iceberg wedge lettuce with homemade blue cheese,
and Marie Heffernan (site 38) for her melt-in-your-mouth coconut bars.  The Tiki Bars had brand new corrugated tin
roofs providing our delicious snacks safety from the weather, but not from the hungry Island Campground and