2010 Glastron Classic

Now in year three the Glastron Classic spent its second consecutive year at
Island Campground and Marina.  Year two brought just as much excitement
as well as a multitude more boats and people.  The Minnesota/Wisconson
Glastron Association's annual get together drew four RVs, 22 tents, 47
boats, and 127 visitors.  They had two sunset cruises, a boat parade up and
down the Red Wing waterfront, and a group trip down to Hok-Si-La Beach in
Lake City.  The marina was packed with Glastrons, sometimes four to a
slip.  Each one gleaming its own personality - some due to their flashy paint
jobs or witty boat names while others were getting equal attention for their
turbo engines which were polished to high gloss.  The real fun happened
though when they got on the water and like little glittery minnows these
Glastrons skipped and sped through the water.  As soon as they started
their run for Lake City it was apparent that these fiberglass boats were
made for speed, fun, excitement, and a life of cutting through calm lakes and
rolling rivers.  For more information on Glastron see the association’s
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