2009 Glastron Classic
What Twilight did for vampires, Glastron did for boats – made them sparkle.  A
shimmery mirage of fiberglass boats hit the Mississippi River on Saturday August
powerboats met at Island Campground and Marina on Trenton Island and together
made a run down to Hok-Si-La Beach in Lake City.  Over 80 members of the
Minnesota and Western Wisconsin chapter of the Classic Glastron Owners
Association piloted small fiberglass boats ranging in size from 17 to 24 feet and in
colors from mustard yellow to burnt orange.  The Glastron fiberglass powerboats
have become infamous for their uses as the Batboat and as James Bond’s boat in
the films “Moonraker” and “Live and Let Die.”   The boats caused quite a stir and
brought many visitors to Trenton Island and the surrounding area.  Organized by
Brian and Lisa Bergstrom, the Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Chapter
Administrators, the group tented for two nights, had a fish fry, and of course,
boated.  The Glastron owners came from different parts of Minnesota and
Wisconsin and even had members come in from out of state.  Don’t worry if you
missed seeing these boats in action, the Association loves Red Wing and this part
of the Mississippi so much that they will be back for many years to come.  For more
information on Glastron see the association’s website:
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