2009 Chili Cook-Off
When the summer starts to give way to autumn the Island Campground and Marina gets ready
for their annual Chili cook-off.  Seasonal residents Brad & Kathy Shoop and Bruce and
MerrieJane Von Eschen are busy with the planning and preparation for the big event.  The
atmosphere is alive with who will enter their chili and who will become the next champion.  The
newly appointed judges anticipate the big day with thoughts of the variety of chili that they will
be tasting and wondering who made it.  Our very own Tiki Bar is set up for the big day with a
huge bonfire and more food than you can imagine.  The electrical outlets are sprouting cords
to a variety of Chili that will make you grab for one of the many cold beverages that are
offered to cool the palate.
The music starts up and the White Elephant game begins.  Speeches are made, prizes
displayed and the traveling trophy prepared for the new champion.  The past champions are
recognized and our championship plaque is prepared for the picture of our next winner.  Fun
and food is the winning recipe of the day and our Annual Chili Cook-Off has grown to be one
of our many anticipated events.
                                                                    - Organizer MerrieJane Von Eschen
First Place: Randy Rowe
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Second Place: Patt Mullen
Third Place & People's Choice:    
.             Vanessa Sabelko